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Take Me Out

Court Jeremiah worked as a Writer, proof-reader and editor for our company ‘Take Me Out’.
Court worked on our ‘Trending Maps’ of the Canary Islands.
We chose Court for her experience in working with travel companies, media, blogs and communications.
Court is 100% cooperative, her work ethic is fantastic, she has a perfective understanding of what was required of the work, her knowledge of writing and editing was the best for us and on top of that her knowledge of the travel industry & travel writing is fantastic – we learnt a lot through her guidance and work.
She’s a sincere, frontal, enthusiastic and collaborative kind of person also.”

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Sweet Servings Co

"Court has done work for us for a number of years between event/product photography, social media guidance and mentoring! She is super easy to work with, attentive and helpful. I love how she kept me informed throughout the whole process and had many enthusiastic ideas to bring to the table. Our photos turned out amazing and were perfect for our social feed, we can’t thank you enough. Look forward to working with you again soon on future projects! 5 stars girl!"

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Nettie's Night Rescue

Court wrote for my website! Her attention to detail is second to none. She always made sure that she had every detail about my business and services totally correct. She is so flexible, reliable, communicative, kind and professional. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone!

Thanks again Court!

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Bells Beach Backpackers

Court has been working with me for just over a year, in that time she has done so many things like design and build our new website, she has created new content in writing, photography and graphic design. She also takes care of our collaborations, surveys, advertising, admin and social media management!


Her biggest asset is her truly INCREDIBLE work ethic- because of this everything is so carefully planned, understood and executed. I have all the faith in the world on her abilities.


Court has a very large background working in hospitality and tourism so I feel she understands our vision and our industry perfectly.


She is a kind, fun and easy-going person to work with as well as being timely and diligent in covering every angle of what needs to be done.


We love the work Court does for us and continues to do. Can’t wait to see where our collaborative journey will take us!

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Masked Envy

Courtney was so lovely to take some amazing pictures of our face masks, supporting our small business. The creativity with different props and colours was fabulous! Very happy with how the pictures turned out. Thank you!

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Writing. Graphics. Websites. Art. Socials. Photos. Mentoring. Brand Development.

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